As mentioned on the homepage, I recommend Krystal Hosting* as the best UK web hosts.

With this in mind, please find my honest review and the reasons why I choose them to host my WordPress sites.

Krystal Hosting Review

I have been creating websites for over 10 years and had a bad experience with a previous web host provider.  The websites I created were often down and the support was awful.  I decided to look elsewhere for website hosting.

I wanted a UK based web host so that I could pick up the phone and talk to the company in case I needed to.

Firstly, my main mission was to move 6 WordPress websites from my existing host to another.

I rang Krystal Hosting for advice and to test their service out. I was impressed to be fair so registered to the Ruby plan (unlimited website hosting).

Within about an hour, I had transferred all 6 websites to Krystal by exporting them using All-In-One Migration plugin.  Since that day, I have never looked back.

These days, where I work full time with online shops etc, all the websites are hosted by Krystal.  They have never been down since I joined them.

How would I rate Krystal?


The price is affordable, the support is great with my support tickets answered quickly and they are genuinely friendly.

They offer a referral and affiliate scheme whereby you can earn Krystal credit and also commission.

You can earn £25 per person you send to Krystal and they stay with them for the 60 day money-back period. (Krystal offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if customers are not happy with their service).

In my opinion, Krystal are an awesome, UK based hosting company.

You won’t be disappointed with Krystal.