Welcome to Hosting M8 by Justin.

In this blog post, I will explain in more detail the idea behind this free web hosting assistant service I am providing.

Before I begin, briefly, the way it works is, you buy hosting using my affiliate code from Krystal Hosting. I help you install WordPress onto your domain name and help you set up a website or blog. I get paid by the commission I receive for you using my affiliate link. (No charge to you for using my services).

This makes it a cheap way of having a WordPress website. Your only costs are the hosting fee and domain name.

So, let me give you some more detail about how things work.

Hosting M8 is the name I produced which means “Justin is your web hosting assistant”. Guiding you through from start to finish with setting up a WordPress website.

The stages below outline how it works:

  1. You purchase hosting and a domain name using my affiliate link
  2. I install WordPress onto your domain name via cPanel
  3. I will install recommended plugins and a theme of your choice
  4. We decide on the pages you require, and I create those
  5. You then add your own content, text, and images to the pages

I will also assist you for free with any basic WordPress tasks.

This service is offered free of charge if you use my link and aimed at people who want to have a go at setting their own website up without the cost of using a developer.

My Website Experience

You may want to know a bit about my background in website before you get in touch.

I have been working with WordPress for over 12 years and have been a customer of Krystal for around 8 years. Krystal is a fantastic company which is why I promote them. Here is the latest website I have created for someone who is now a Krystal customer.

As far as work goes, I currently work for a company where we have two online shops and many smaller information websites. As well as this, I set websites up for small businesses and friends who are self-employed. These websites appear on page one of Google.

My other two services I operate are Just Web Services and Small Business Local SEO.

Why I created HostingM8

There are two types of website customer. One type will just pay someone to do the entire website, and the other type will want to try setting up a website themselves but may need a helping hand.

This is where I come in.

I will help you set up your very own website. The framework takes me about an hour. The main part of a website is the content and text. I leave that to you. The pages will be there ready for you to add your own content.

If this sounds like a plan, all you must do is click my affiliate link*, buy hosting from Krystal (I have a discount code you can use to save some money) then get in touch.

Together we will get your website online in no time.

Thanks for your interest in my web hosting assistant service called HostingM8.

All the best,


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