So what exactly is Hosting M8?

Hosting M8 is a unique idea created by Justin Callaghan.

It is a simple idea.  You buy a domain name and hosting plan from either GoDaddy, Wix or Krystal Hosting, and I help you set up your website.

How does it work?

In my experience people like to purchase domains and hosting via large and long established companys like GoDaddy, Wix and Krystal.

When someone buys their domain name and a hosting plan, they may not be too sure what to do next, or have the time to set a site up.

I have experience using GoDaddy and Wix website builders and have a lot of experience using WordPress.

Basically, once you have a hosting plan with your chosen provider, send me the log in so I can start getting things set up.

To build a website for you, I require the following:

  • Decide on what pages you require, like;  About, Services, FAQ's, Gallery and so on
  • The text for homepage and other pages (I can provide the text for a Privacy Policy page)
  • Any images (You can find a good amount of non-copyright images on Pixabay)
  • A logo (I can hep you create this)

I will ensure important things like the privacy page, cookie bar activation, SEO tags and added to the site.

I charge £10 an hour to set things up and usually can have a site published in 2-3 hours.  This is a very cost effective way to get a website online.

If you have any questions, please contact me.